Church Coordinator Pre-Registration

HOALTC 2024: Be Still
The Life of Moses 

Starting Friday March 29 in Kansas City

This is a PRE-registration only.  During the on-line Registration process, you will register yourself first as a church coordinator with additional information, then each student individually using informaiton from the worksheets provided.    

 By registering as Church Coordinator for my church, I understand and agree to  the following: 


  1. I will review and respond to all emails from the HOALTC Board in a timely fashion and will adhere to deadlines as posted on the HOALTC website.  Likewise, I understand that the Board will respond to emails sent to [email protected] in a timely manner.  I will share pertinent information with my coaches, students and their parents to ensure students are well prepared for their events.
  2. I will organize our congregation’s registration, including students, coaches and observers, and will submit our registration by the deadlines communicated by HOALTC.  I understand that forms are available on the Church Coordinator Quick Links page ( which can assist me in organizing our registration.
  3. Recognizing that some students may need special accommodations or considerations to complete their events, it is necessary to communicate this information to the judges so that they can provide feedback that is appropriate to the student’s situation. For these students, please complete the form at the following link:    by the event registration deadline advising what special  accommodations and/or considerations are needed. We will share this information in confidence with the Room or Event Coordinator to share with the appropriate judge. 
  4. I will send payment by church check to made payable to HOALTC to:  HOALTC  c/o Becky Allison, 34880 Metcalf Rd, Louisburg KS 66053. 
  5. As this ministry cannot be accomplished without volunteers, we ask that congregations all share in this responsibility as part of their commitment to participating in HOALTC.  I will furnish appropriate numbers of volunteers for events by entering their names and contact information on the Judges/Ambassadors Registration Portal, which is separate from the Church Coordinator/Student Registration Portal;  we will advise the Church Coordinators when that is available.  The formula for determining how many judges/ambassadors are needed is to take the number of registered students and multiply by .6, rounding up. 
  6. I will fully partner with the board in this ministry of growing students’ talents and confidence in sharing God’s word.  I understand that a key success of this ministry is creating a culture of encouragement.  I will organize our congregation’s efforts in a way that promotes growth in an encouraging environment.
  7. The rate we have been paying for hotel rooms in the past has been very reasonable. Just so you are aware in advance, the cost for Standard (King or Double rooms) will be $170 per night in 2024, with increases the next two years. The junior suites (2 people only) are $240 per night, the 2 bedroom suites (limited to 1 per church) are $450 per night. As always, suites are first come first served based on payment for all students and hotel rooms. The HOALTC board believes this is the best overall value for our event. The Crown Center location is unique, we are able to bring in our own food to the common area, which is a big cost saver for our churches and can't be done elsewhere. There published rates for the same weekend are much higher. 
  8. During COVID, HOALTC worked to keep registration fees low to help support our churches.  With lower attendance and inflationary costs, we have almost exhausted our financial reserves. The cost of Exhibit HallA/B and our AV services do not vary based on the number of our participants. Therefore, we need to increase our registration fee to $50. 

Thank you for choosing to serve as a coordinator for your congregation!  The HOALTC Board stands ready to assist you in this endeavor.  Please email us at [email protected] with any questions that you may have. 

You will receive a copy of the above your confirmation email.  Since this is a form with links, some email systems might send your confirmation to spam, so please check there.

Please keep a copy of the confirmation  email for the registration password,  volunteer formula and the payment address. 


By clicking on Submit, you acknowledge that you as the active Church Coordinator understand the expectations above and agree to fulfill them and will be available by phone and email.

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